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Dear Colleagues :

On behalf of the Organizing Commjttee, I cordially welcomeall of you gathered here to participate in the 13th Scientific Meeting of AACMD and 15th Scientific Meeting of JSOP.
Especially, I like to extend a hearty welcome to the many distinguished delegates from abroad. I deeply appreciate your coming to share with each other the up-to-date knowledge and clinical experiences about temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain.

I am particularly grateful to Professor Glenn T. Clark, Professor Ryusuke Kakigi, and Professor Osamu Nakanishi for their participating in this meeting as a keynote speaker.
They will give us a wonderful lecture concerning the TMD and OFP. The program reflects a broad range of topics covering every aspect of TMD and OFP. We opened two Symposiums entitled Desirable Effects and Indications of Occlusal Splint Therapy for TMD and Practical Procedures of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for TMD and two mini symposiums entitled "nonodontogenic toothache" and "persistent muscle pain". We also opened Research session.
We tried to give a chance for as many scholars or trainees as possible to present their research products or clinical experiences in this meeting. For this purpose we opened the free communication and poster presentation sessions to everyone who are willing to present their papers in this meeting. Total of 5 speakers from each member country will present their case studies during free communication session. In addition , selected abstracts will be introduced through the poster presentation. The Best Poster Award for Trainee will be given during dosing ceremony.
We tried to make t he program very valuable and enjoyable, so I am sure all the attendants will eceive the magnificent benefit from this meeting. I challenge you to attend many sessions and to enjoy the academic and friendly atmosphere.
At last, I like to offer special thanks to the members of the Organizing Committee who devoted themselves to this meeting once again I welcome and wish you all had a wonderful and meaningful time in this both Scientific meeting of AACMD and JSOP in Fukuoka.

Sincerely yours

Shin-ichi Masumi, D.D.S., Ph.D.
The 13th Scientific Meeting of Asian Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders
The 15th Scientific Meeting of Japanese Society of Orofacial Pain

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board of Asian Academy of Craniomanidibular Disorders (AACMD), I am pleased and honored to inform you the 13th AACMD meeting chaired by Professor Shin-ichi Masumi, Kyushu Dental College.
I would like to extend my cordial welcome to all of you, especially the distinguished delegates from abroad.

The 13th meeting is held as the joint meeting with 15th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Orofacial Pain (JSOP). I would like to express my hearty appreciation to Program chairman of the meeting, Professor Masumi and President of JSOP, Professor Koichi Wajima, and the all members of organizing committee for their efforts to organize and manage the meeting.

The aim of this meeting is to update on the latest knowledge on diagnosis and treatment of Orofacial Pain and Temprormandibular Disorders, and to construct the friendships among the colleagues in Asian countries. The AACMD meeting will focus on advancement of practical abilities for management of Orofacial Pain, containing plenteous practical-minded programs.

Fukuoka city, located as the geometric center of East Asian countries, is convenient to be accessed from any countries. At the beginning of October, I believe Fukuoka is fantastic due to autumn colors of leaves with its historic and cultural heritage. If you have the opportunity to take a few extra days, you can also enjoy the wonderful surroundings. I wish you a scientifically interesting meeting and enjoyable days in Fukuoka.


Keiichi SASAKI,
President of AACMD